Hey Verizon, hold the phone!



Verizon's Federal Lawsuit against Wexford County


The facts are these:

Verizon Wireless Communications wants to build several MORE 300-foot wireless cellular towers in Selma and Colfax Townships, Wexford County, Michigan. BUT, the proposed new sites are:

  • In direct violation of numerous zoning ordinances

  • Violating safety set-backs from homes and other property

  • Located in areas zoned agricultural/residential, NOT commercial

  • Situated where residents report Verizon and other cell phone service is accessible


What’s more, Verizon is electing to erect these cellular towers instead of using an existing tower already standing in close proximity that is available from AT&T. So, Verizon is choosing to:

  • Violate local zoning ordinances

  • Detract from the rural character of the area

  • Ruin what is currently a pristine night sky

  • Irreversibly make a negative impact on the wetlands of nearby Meauwataka Lake


So, in July, the Wexford County Zoning Board of Appeals requested that Verizon consider alternate locations to include Federal and State-owned land. But Verizon is giving us a "busy signal"...

Verizon has chosen to ignore the Zoning Board’s request and has sued Wexford County in Federal court. Now we need your help!



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